Special Course

寿司と醗酵のコース Special Course of sushi&fermentation








We start once a month fusion cuisine course of sushi and various small dishes from March 2024.

Each has unique elements of Japanese fermented ingredients or seasonings such as heshiko cured mackerel, rice bran-pickled vegetable and tick soy sauce.

Some dish will be presented in a creative way with the idea that the new approach to the tradition gives an inspiration. 


It also includes Sake pairings of 6 different types of sake from different breweries around Japan.

You will find it interesting to taste the diversity of sake and the combination with dishes.


 Japan has variety of seasonal vegetables throughout a year, and sake which is hard to find outside of the country.

We'd like our guests to experience something which can be enjoyed only in Kyoto,Japan at that time.

We serve this special course one a moth. Don't miss it!!


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 - 詳細 -








- スケジュール -









- Details -

- Booking is required 3 days prior, limited up to 6 counter bar seats for each day

- Starts at 6PM (around 90-120mins course duration)

- 12,000 JPY(tax included)/person for 10 or 11 dishes and 6 small glasses of Sake paring

- Please notify us if you prefer non alcohol beverages (We’ll prepare a few alternative drinks ) 

- Please ask us the special request like allergic food, gluten free


- Schedule - 

It will be happening on Wednesday night irregularly once a month.

Please check the monthly calendar for the schedule. 

Reservation for the date below is open now.

13th March

17th April

15th May


ご予約 Reservation