Reservation for foreign guest

Thank you so much for thinking about reservation.



From June 1st, 2023,

We will be closed lunch on Weekdays.

lunch at 11:30 - 13:30 on Saturday and Sunday.


We open dinner at

17:00 - 22:00 Weekdays

17:00 - 21:00 Saturday and Sunday.


We take reservations, but we are happy that you walk-in as well.

We take 8 groups for a day as reservation.

If you find this page right before you come,

You better try to come directly or call from hotel.

It is depends on the seasons... but I need you to send email at least one day ahead.

I don't think I can send your email back soon.  


This is Family-owned sushi restaurant.

I am Mitsuru, the son of the owner. I used to live in US (Oregon, Portland) Australia (mainly Sydney), Canada (Toronto) one year each.

Loves sake, wine and beer......

I am so happy that you come to my restaurant! And I am so happy that you make a reservation.


Please understand sometimes I am not able to send email back soon because I am only one to send email back. 

This is how to make a reservation.

Step 1  You send me an email with the formatted information below


Please send email to


Date: Month/ Day / Day of week  (ex May/ 4th Thursday)


Number of people:

Your email address:

Your name:


Step 2  I will send you reply back regarding availability of your request


Step 3  You send me email back for final confirmation.



Very Important thing!!

Please DO NOT forget step 3 (sending email back) otherwise I might need to cancel your reservation.

We have so so so many people just send the request, but don't confirm.

I want you to send email back, so I can trust you come to the reservation.

Also, if you want to cancel, please let us know either email or phone call.

If you cannot come, thats ok. Please just let me know, so I can give the seats to the other customers.




Important things:


1. Please check the calendar.


We are closed every Wednesday and sometimes Tuesday.

2. Please do not come too early.


Some people come very early (sometimes people show up one hour a head without notification),

but we might not be able to give seat soon.


We keep table for you at the time you make reservation, so you can get the spot.

I want you to come that time. You need to manage your time....(You sometimes need to adjust, need to make plan…)

This is reservation for us.

If you don't want to manage time, please walk in. or if you come early, please let me know otherwise I might not give spots soon.

Please do not complain when you come too early and you cannot get seat soon.

We want more customers enjoy our restaurant, so we try to give seat as much as we can.


3, If you late more than 15 min, I might need to cancel your reservation. Please let me know if you are late.


4, Big group More than 6 people...


We are family owned SMALL restaurant. so It will be so hard for us to serve big group more than 6 people at the same time,

What I can do is I need your help We can serve smoothly, so you can enjoy more.

I need your help otherwise I cannot take your reservation.


1.  You can see the menu, and I want you to decide what you order in advance.

And I want you to tell me what to order 3 days in advance.

You don't have to order everything. but We can prepare what to serve.

If you order everything after you come, It takes long time to serve...... not only for you.

It takes long time to serve other customer also.

( We had experience to serve big group, and other customer had complain because takes long time to serve)


2, You can come not busy time like before 18:00 ( 17:00 to 17:30 if it is possible) , so not so many customers would be there 


If you are big group of 

7 to 9 people, I want you to do either 1 or 2.

More than 9 people, I want you to do both 1 and 2.